Steelman Transportation VP Hosts Motorcycle Safety Class

Two Wheels, Three Wheels, 18 Wheels?!?
Steelman Transportation VP Hosts Motorcycle Safety Class
Warm weather and finally no rain brought bikes to the road so a few weeks back, Steelman Transporation Vice President, Brett Sheets hosted a Motorcycle Safety Course at the Steelman facility located on Burton Ave in Springfield, MO.
The course focused on safety while riding around semi-trucks and Brett was the perfect instructor for this class. He himself is a motorcycle enthusiast and is dedicated to safety in all aspects of his personal and professional life as the head of Steelman’s Over-Dimensional Freight Division.
Class topics included:



  • The “No-Zone”
  • Safely passing a Semi
  • Avoid following due to possible road debris being slung
  • Patience with trucks as they climb hills, turn corners, etc.




“Safety for our drivers and the rest of the motoring public, whether they are on two-wheel, three-wheels, four-wheels, or more is a responsibility we take very seriously. A lot of people just don’t realize, for example, the blind spots vehicles have…I hope the course was informative and enjoyable,” says Sheets.